Solo Voice

Solo Voice

During the past few years I have become more and more interested in music for solo voice both as a performer and as a composer. What I find the most attractive about the solo voice literature
is the very particular situation of all the attention being focused on a single performer standing
on stage. A very fragile situation, as the performer communicates with the audience in a very direct way and can rely only on himself alone. Every gesture and every breath are observed
and become an inseparable part of the performance. A solo voice piece has therefore a great potential of being an immensely intense and highly rewarding experience.

The Project

It was because of my interest in solo voice music, that I have put a call for scores on
the internet (on the domain in September 2018, asking composers for short to medium-lenght pieces for solo baritone.
The idea behind the project was to give young composers an opportunity to have their music professionaly recorded. Eight pieces were eventually selected and recorded in June 2019 in the recording studio of Divadlo na Orlí theatre in Brno, Czech Republic in collaboration with the sound director Hana Foss.

The project was given the title:

Somewhere. No more. Gone.

These words are taken from the compositions themselves and are 
of a symbolic meaning as they refer to the fragility of the solo voice phenomenon itself.

The Future

The first live performance of the solo voice project Somewhere. No more. Gone. will take place on 20th March in Studio 1 of The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

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