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Vojtech Sembera (*1995, Czech Republic) began his musical education in early childhood by studying the piano. Later he started taking private lessons of composition with Karel Simandl. He finished his bachelor studies of composition in 2017 at The Janacek Academy of Musical and Performing Arts in Brno (JAMU) in the class of professor Ivo Medek. He also studied singing at JAMU first with Jaromir Novotny, then with Irena Troupova. He finished his bachelor studies of singing in 2018 and currently he studies master's of composition. As a singer, he is focused on interpretation of contemporary music as well as the classical repertory. As a composer his main interest is vocal and vocal-instrumental music. He has attended selected interpretation courses abroad (VENI Academy summer courses, vocal and conducting masterclass EMA) and vocal masterclass with maestro Antonio Carangelo.


He is a laureate of international composition competition GENERACE 2013 & 2014 and he has been awarded 2nd prize in Antonin Dvorak's International Singing Competition in category Opera Hope in 2015. He won 2nd prize in Dusek's Singing Competition, The President of the EMA prize in 2017, 3rd prize in prestigious Antonin Dvorak International Singing Competition in categories Junior and Song and 2nd prize in the competition of vocal-instrumental ensembles Stonavska Barborka.

Concert and stage performances

During his studies at JAMU he performed in several operas at the JAMU Chamber Opera (M. Haba - The Little Prince - King, Snake; W. A. Mozart: Die Zauberflöte - Papageno; C. Orff: Die Kluge - Der Mann mit dem Maulesel). His professional operatic debut was at the Silesian Theatre Opava (A. Dvorak: Rusalka - Hunter) and he also performed at the Jan Kajetan Tyl Theatre in Pilsen (A. Thomas: Hamlet - Horatio). His concert activity includes collaboration with the Carlsbad Symphonic Orchestra (C. Orff: Carmina Burana - Baritone; J. S. Bach: Johannespassion - Bass; A. Dvorak: Biblical Songs - Baritone), with the National Theatre Orchestra (D. Matej: KYaRIaE - Baritone), the Northern Czechia Philharmonic Teplice (W. A. Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro - Conte Almaviva) and others. He performed his own composition for baritone and orchestra Philoctetes with the Brno Philharmonic and the Western Czechia Symphonic Orchestra Maria Spa. On the contemporary music field he worked with VENI Ensemble, Mirror Ensemble, European Music Project and others. He created several roles at the New Opera Days Ostrava festival (A. Haba: Thy Kingdom Come - Christ, Lay Preacher; D. Lo: A Woman Such as Myself - Man; J. Cage: Songbooks - Solo Voice). He regularly cooperates with the Meetings of New Music Plus festival.

Curriculum Vitae is available for download here.

Repertory and Composition

Opera (complete roles)

Antonin Dvorak: Rusalka (Hunter & Gamekeeper)

Alois Haba: Thy Kingdom Come (Christ & Lay Preacher)

Miroslav Haba: Little Prince (King & Snake)

W. A. Mozart: Die Zauberflöte (Papageno)

W. A. Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro (Almaviva)

Carl Orff: Die Kluge (Der Mann mit dem Maulesel)

Ambroise Thomas: Hamlet (Horatio)

Oratorio and Cantata

J. S. Bach: Johannespassion (Bass)

Bohuslav Martinu: The Opening of the Wells (Baritone)

Daniel Matej: KYaRIaE (Baritone)

Carl Orff: Carmina Burana (Baritone)

J. J. Ryba: Czech Christmas Mass (Bass)

Vojtech Sembera: Philoctetes (Baritone)


Antonin Dvorak: Biblical Songs

Antonin Dvorak: Gypsy Melodies

Peter Graham: Kafka Lieder

Charles Ives: 114 Songs

Robert Schumann: Dichterliebe

Bedrich Smetana: Evening Songs

Solo voice

John Cage: Song Books

Edwad Davis: early

Jan-Willem van Herpen: Rilke Gesänge

Hiroya Miura: Soramimi

Cullyn Murphy: Everybody should have these...

Oktawia Paczkowska: Katatrenia

Complete repertory is available for download here.

Selected Compositions

Hommage à Franz Schubert

Hommage à Franz Schubert (for baritone and pieno) is a nostalgic recollection of aesthetics of simple beauty. It's music material is derived from the last song of Schubert's Die Schöne Müllerin, when the stream sings a lullaby to the drowned pilgrim, whom the stream guided throughhout the song cycle. It's soothing song makes one forget the injustice of the world and reminds the good - that, which died together with the pilgrim. But how much of the good died since the times of Franz Schubert?


Miserere (for baritone and piano) is a dialogue between a man, who is searching for his true self and from the (un)purity of his heart he finds God, and the dogmatic teaching of the church. This dialogue is represented in the form of prayers by an Armenian patriarch Nersetis Clajensis and the different possibilities of their interpretation.

Night Soundscape

Night Soundscape (for unspecified instrumental ensemblle) is a graphic score originally written for ensemble VENI academy. The piece is in fact a picture of a night landscape - a map for every member of the ensemble, which guides them from the land to the sky. The composition is absolutely dependent on the preparation of each and every member of the ensemble, as everybody has to diligently create their own music material and define their own way in the score. There is no space for improvisation.


Philoctetes (for baritone and orchestra) is inspired by a tragedy of the same name by Sophocles in which he deals with the conflict between honor and utilitarianism, idealism and pragmatism. In the composition we also find a similar conflict. It's main idea is the constant blending of two contrasting characters. A lyric character, which represents honor and the idea of some higher purpose, and a character of absolutely shameless sarcasm.


Premonition (for voice) explores the possibilities of speech in musical context. The composition begins with recitation and evolves towards much greater focus on the sound of the text, while almost ignoring it's former meaning. Absolutely crucial for the composition is the specific percussive charcteristics of Czech language and it's rhythmics.

Complete list of composition is available for download here.




Recordings of my compositions are available at Soundcloud.


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